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Japanese government agency to investigate overheating Vitas

Sony has submitted 31 cases of Vita consoles damaged during charging to the Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation for assessment.

Although the wording is vague, it seems users have reported Vita units overheating to the point of product damage during charging. Sony hastened to add that there have been no injuries which sounds pretty dramatic, but I'm sure we would have heard already if any Vitas had actually caught on fire. Sony gathered 23 examples of damaged Vitas from Japan and a further eight from other territories.

Speaking to the daily paper Yomiuri, via Andriasang, a Sony representative said there's no manufacturing fault behind the damage, which seems to be caused when users get liquid on the charger head.

Unfortunately that means there will be no recall and you'll have to pay your own repair fees should your console or charger be damaged. Remember, keep your cup of tea a long way from any electronics, and be mindful of humidity when plugging your devices in.

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