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Concept art for canceled Jak and Daxter 4 project surfaces

Concept art for an undeveloped fourth installment of the Jak and Daxter franchise has surfaced.

Scribble Pad Studios, which develops concept art for studios such as Activision, EA, Naughty Dog and others, posted the concept art this week on its ArtStation page.

Per DualShockers, Scribble Pad Studios' creative director is James Paick, who worked previously at Naughty Dog as a concept artist.

This isn't the first batch of concept art for the project to be released. In the Dark Horse published book The Art of Naughty Dog, Chapter Six: Undeveloped Projects contained images of the Jak and Daxter project.

Some of the images posted below were also included in the aforementioned art book.

Back in 2012, Naughty Dog said it had conceptualized a fourth installment for PS3 before starting work on The Last of Us. Tentative titles for the project were Jak 4 and Jak and Daxter 4 and it was to have a more realistic approach than previous titles.

The developer canned the idea as it felt it would be a "disservice to fans" as at the time wasn't going to be the "game that they wanted."

Naughty Dog has said another Jak and Daxter game was never off the table, but work on other titles such as The Last of Us were taking precedence.

jax_4_concept_art (1)

jax_4_concept_art (2)

jax_4_concept_art (3)

jax_4_concept_art (4)

jax_4_concept_art (5)

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