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Jaffe, Molyneux, Zeschuk and Bleszinski on sex, violence, ratings and game design

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Great feature on parent information site WhatTheyPlay involving interviews with David Jaffe, Peter Molyneux, Greg Zeschuk and Cliff Bleszinski on the more contentious sides of gaming.

The piece is broken down into section on sex, violence, ratings and game design and how each sees each subject, and there are some diamond quotes in there, as you'd expect, such as this from Peter Molyneux:

"Let your child play Fable. They will learn responsibility. There are moral lessons in there. They can get married, they can have children, and they’re responsible for the upbringing and care of that family. That’s a wonderful thing for a 10 year-old to experience. Sure, they’re killing squishy little things."

Full thing through the link.

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