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Jack Black launches YouTube gaming channel, already has over 2 million subscribers

Actor, musician, and comedian Jack Black has started his own YouTube games channel, and it's already one of the fastest-growing on the platform.

Jack Black released a very brief video announcing the launch of the channel on December 21. The video is shot and edited by his son, who looks to also be managing the channel.

The channel is named Jablinski Games, and you should expect it to have "games, food, and life". The announcement video certainly gives little away, but it already has nearly 7.5 million views.

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Upon reaching one million subscribers (currently at 2.4 million), Black released another short video celebrating the milestone.

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Black is no stranger to video games. The actor has collaborated with Double Fine in the past on projects like Brutal Legend, and Broken Age.

It would be interesting to see if Jablinski Games becomes a big part of Black's public life going forward, or if it does indeed manage to outpace Ninja, and PewDiePie, as Black hopes.

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