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Iwata says not to expect CoD-like games from Nintendo

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said not to expect "Call of Duty-like games" from the makers of Mario Kart.

Speaking with the Independent in an oft-quoted interview, Iwata said Wii U will assuredly contain titles such as Mario Kart which" are heavily reliant on online and support online multiplayer," but that gamers should in no way "be expecting Call of Duty-like games to be offered from Nintendo.”

That's what other developers are for, and he said Nintendo would be happy to offer them on the console.

“I think that the Wii U will be powerful enough to run very high spec games but the architecture is obviously different than other consoles so there is a need to do some tuning if you really want to max out the performance," he said.

“We’re not going to deliver a system that has so much horsepower that no matter what you put on there it will run beautifully, and also because we’re selling the system with the GamePad — which adds extra cost to the package — we don’t want to inflate the cost of each unit by putting in excessive CPU power.”

Iwata's last comment backs-up what Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada told Digital Spy earlier this week, when he said the console's graphics were on par with PS3 and 360, but "as far as the CPU goes, the clock is kinda low."

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