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"It’s definitely too early to say that Vita’s not going to be a success," says Ubisoft

Ubisoft's senior vice president of sales and marketing, Tony Key, has said despite Vita's disappointing sales, the firm is still confident in the handheld.

Speaking with IGN during E3, Key said Vita was a "good platform," and a "beautiful piece of hardware," that Ubisoft has "always liked."

"It’s got cool features that you can’t get anywhere else, and Assassin’s Creed, we believe, is the right type of game for that system," he said. "It’s definitely too early to say that Vita’s not going to be a success. We’re happy to support any cool new hardware system out there. Assassin’s Creed is exactly the type of brand that needs to go on there because we need to put our best stuff on that system.

"[And] Assassin’s Creed III is not the only big Vita game coming this holiday, and I think that’s a good thing.

"We’re actually very happy that there’s another big Vita game coming for Christmas [Black Ops: Declassified] from a competitor because we think that will raise all boats. It’s going to generate a lot of interest in the Vita this holiday season."

Key went on to say Sony will be spending "a lot of money," to make sure Vita is front and center this holiday season which he feels will prove to the public the handheld is "relevant and it’s doing well.”

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