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Italy: "Severe brain disorder" turns out to be "PlayStation addiction"

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One for the vault. According to this Ananova piece, Italian medics have diagnosed a 13-year-old boy with "PlayStation addiction" after his "desperate" father rushed him to hospital.

From the story:

At first doctors at southern Italy's Lecce hospital thought Lorenzo Amato was suffering from a stroke or a severe brain disorder.

The teenager couldn't speak and didn't seem to understand anything going on around him. Then doctors discovered he'd just finished a marathon session on his new PlayStation.

Local politician Antonio Buccoliero, who spoke to the doctors, said: "They eventually managed to take care of him once they understood that this was a strange kind of mental detachment connected to his PlayStation."

The boy is now cured of his ailment, apparently, and has ordered his father to throw the console away as the thought of it makes him want to vomit.

The goal is open.

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