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Iranian Revolution examined in 1979: The Game

Navid Khonsari, the cutscene director responsible for Grand Theft Auto 3's distinctive cinematic feel, is working on 1979: The Game, which explores the events of the Iranian Revolution.

Iranian-born Khonsari told RT that the game is designed to stimulate discussion.

"One of the main objectives here was to start some kind of social dialog amongst people who are gonna play it," he said.

"Not just in the West, but around the world.

"Things aren't so black and white when you are able to understand the side of the victim, as well as the side of the aggressor."

Allowing players to take on up to ten different roles throughout its course, the new title won't shy away from politically sensitive issues.

"It's not a matter of bad guys going after good guys, or good guys going after bad guys," he explained.

"Whether they're Iranian, American, pro-democracy, pro-theocracy; whether they just want to make money on the side by sneaking in alcohol; or whether they want to make sure everyone wants to follow the religious rules of Islam.

"These are all different stories, and to be able to actually convey that and let people interact as those players."

No word on when, how or what form the final release will take. Khonsari also worked on Alan Wake and the Max Payne series before forming the independent multimedia company, Ink Stories.

You can watch RT's full interview with Khonsari below.

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