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Investment banker says global games market's worth $105 billion


An investment banker with Avista Partners, Paul Heydon, has estimated the global games market cap has reached $105 billion when factoring in online games.

Nintendo holds the largest marketshare

According to a talk Heydon's talk at Edinburgh Interactive, $50 billion is the figure usually reached by most analyst firms when estimating the industry's worth, and while such a sum is nothing to sneeze at, the figure only factors in the traditional PC and console sector.

Heydon believes the total market cap of all public games companies globally has reached $105 billion, and online games (MMO, casual, social, etc.) are worth around 71 percent of the market.

Here are Heydon's global games market figures broken down:

  • Nintendo - $34.96 billion
  • Other PC/Console (without Nintendo) - $33.22 billion
  • Online - $23.46 billion
  • Mobile - $8.26 billion
  • Retail - $3.11 billion
  • Payment Services - $1.37 billion
  • Distribution/Accessories - $311 million
  • Outsourcing - $255 million

Farmville and Angry Birds will take over the world

Mobile, as you can see by the list, is sitting nicely in fourth place, and Heydon predicts it will continue to grow, eventually gobbling into the larger sectors.

Social and online games, grouped as Payment Services, will also continue to grow as online and mobile increases in size, according to Heydon.

Via MCV.

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