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Internal Square magazine hints at final cancellation of Last Remnant PS3


Looky, looky.

It seems that Square Enix has finally put the final death nail into the proverbial coffin of the PS3 port of The Last Remnant.

According to Andriasang, the PS3 port isn't mentioned in the TBA section of the company's internal magazine.

We must stress though that this could be a mistake, as the Square site still has the game up for release. Same too for the weekly release calendar from Famitsu, according to AS.

If true, the first true Square game coming to the PS3 would be Final Fantasy XIII in a few weeks, followed up by Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

We'll drop a mail to Square Enix and see what they say.

The game was first released back in November last year for the Xbox 360, with a PC release earlier this year

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