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Infinity Blade was "a rehash of an idea," Chair Entertainment had for Kinect, says Epic

During a session at Develop, Epic's Mark Rein said the idea for Infinity Blade was derived from "a rehash of an idea," Chair Entertainment had for Kinect.

"We showed very early Unreal Tournament 3 gameplay on iPhone 3GS a few months after the 3GS came out," Rein said. "We decided twin-stick shooters on phones didn't work. We said to Chair--we want you to make the 'Shadow Complex of iOS'."

Rein also touched upon Epic's recent hiring of ex-Big Huge Games staff, stating a group of employees from the firm approached Epic citing an interest in one of its IPs.

"A small group of them approached us and were interested in one of our intellectual properties. "They said, 'one of the IPs you have would be perfect for the game we're making,'" Rein said. "We'd like you to work on that IP too!"

The hiring caused the formation of the new Baltimore-based studio, and the new studio isn't the only arm of Epic which is busy at the moment: Rein also said People Can Fly are "working on some new ideas," alongside development of Gears of War: Judgement.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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