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Infinite Undiscovery feels the pace as EG lands a 5/10

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Whoops. Eurogamer's given Square's Infinite Undiscovery a scathing 5/10, calling the RPG "standard," "linear" and "predictable." Snip:

With Star Ocean IV and Tales of Vesperia due next year, and Final Fantasy on its way to the 360, this needed to be something quite special to make its mark in a genre not known for its deviations from formula. Yet at its best Infinite Undiscovery is just another standard action JRPG following a strictly linear route through the same predictable story about another reluctant young hero overthrowing yet another evil empire. In its worst moments, it's an unwieldy collision of ill-conceived ideas and sloppy technical implementation that will test the patience of even the most hardened player. Such flaws are really only worth tolerating if you're so devoted to the JRPG genre that you'd settle for mediocrity rather than wait for the good stuff.

Other scores show middling opinion. And it looked so pretty, too.

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