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Infinite Undiscovery confirmed for Euro release on Friday, out in US, first review posted

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Update: Spanish site Meristation's given it 7/10.

Update 2: Famitsu's given it 32/40. Thanks, Psychotext.

Square's confirmed to VG247 that 360 RPG Infinite Undiscovery is indeed out on Friday in Europe, following news overnight that the game's shipped in the US.

The first review's just gone up, in addition. Team Xbox has given the game 7.8/10, describing it as a "JRPG-lite." Snip:

In retrospect, it’s probably not completely fair to compare Infinite Undiscovery to the FF franchise. Infinite Undiscovery is more of a gateway RPG than an all-out epic; real-time combat, less story-driven side activities/exploring and a shorter overall play time allow easy access for the JRPG n00bs. There are a few technical hiccups to get over, but Infinite Undiscovery is still a worthwhile romp for those looking for a JRPG-lite in 2008. Of course, if you want the full-meal deal, steer clear of Infinite Undiscovery and look forward to the 360 versions of Star Ocean or Final Fantasy XIII.

Full thing through the link.

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