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IndieRoyale opens pre-orders for future bundles

To help diffuse downtime and key generation problems caused by heavy traffic, IndieRoyale is allowing pre-orders on its unusually priced bundles.

"We've been much more successful than we ever anticipated, and that's led to some technical problems," the latest newsletter advised.

"We had load-related issues with redeeming Steam keys at the start of the first bundle, and a small amount of downtime at the start of the second bundle as 'the entire Internet' swarmed the site - 25,000 requests per second, ouch! We're working hard on expanding our infrastructure to deal with the massive demand."

In addition to behind-the-scenes efforts, you can now pre-order the next batch, The Really Big Bundle, for $3.99 or more. IndieRoyale won't reveal the game's contentuntil launch day, but promises a minimum of four games in each future bundle.

"We know that you're all busy people, and you may actually not be on the Internet (?!) the second it launches. So it's a simple way to guarantee you get the Bundle, albeit sight unseen," the post continued.

"This means that you won't know what games are in the bundle until it launches. But you are guaranteed to get the bundle at a low minimum price, and you will be supporting hand-picked, high quality independent games along the way."

The success of the scheme has drawn interest from over 100 developers.

IndieRoyale allows purchasers to pay what they want for its offerings, above a minimum price which fluctuates depending on buyer behaviour. Paying more than the minimum price drops the pricetag for subsequent users, and vice versa. Its Difficult 2nd Bundle managed 30,205 sales and ended on an average price of just $4.85.

Thanks, IndieGames.

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