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Indie devs are more creative, says Starbreeze


Want to make super-creative games? Don't work for a mega-corp.

"I personally think it’s more difficult to be creative in a larger corporate environment," Starbreeze boss Johan Kristiansson told Develop.

"Larger companies are – by nature – always slower with making decisions in game production. In an independent studio I think the staff usually has a stronger feeling of ownership-attachment to their properties; and you can develop a more tightly knit team over a long period of time as well."

Kristiansson went as far as to say that publisher input can damage games.

"An independent studio is always going to be more creative, and I think it’s important that publishers let them be independent during production, let them have control of their product," he added.

"If indies are too close to their publishers, that can also damage the decision making process and the overall game quality."

Full thing through there.

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