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IGF Awards finalists added to Steam Greenlight

The latest batch of Steam Greenlight additions mark a departure from the community voting process of earlier batches, as it adds in games which made the final cut as IGF Award finalists.

This year, Valve offered Steam distribution to every IGF Award finalist.

A couple of the games which were nominated, like The Stanley Parable and Papers, Please are already commercially available on Steam, but the vast majority have not even been submitted to Greenlight yet.

Just two finalists were already lined up as Greenlight hopefuls, and have been dutifully given the go ahead for Steam distribution: Robin Arnott's meditative, sensory experience SoundSelf, and Tale of Tales Luxeria Superbia, which is all about sex.

Both were nominated for the Nuovo award.

Valve will contact the other eligible finalists with its offer of Steam distribution.

The Independent Games Festival is held as part of GDC, and the award ceremony immediately precedes the GDC Awards event.

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