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"I don't like people thinking we're doing underhanded, dirty s**t," says Evolve dev

Despite what it looks like, Evolve developers did not intend to give out the wrong signals when it comes to the game's DLC plan.


Evolve creative director Phil Robb spoke to Destructoid in an interview that was conducted late last year about the studio's approach to DLC, map packs and more.

Robb's idea is that the game's architecture is built to be easily expanded upon. "We have the game set up in such a way that we can expand upon it if that is the desire," he said.

"Our plan is one we pushed for as consumers. Never split the community, no pay to win, all that kind of bullshit that are hallmarks of DLC plans specifically made to leech money out of people."

"I don't like people thinking we're doing underhanded, dirty s**t," said Robb when asked about a comment made by a fellow developer last year regarding the game's DLC-happy structure.

Robb however is aware of the stigma surrounding DLC and how it's handled by AAA publishers in the industry. "I think a lot of people probably feel like [DLC] is milking the community," he noted.

"That's fair because a lot of companies approach it that way.

"All our maps are gonna be free. Everyone gets that. Any of the monsters or hunters we put out are going to be paid DLC, but the nice thing about that, and this is something we pushed for really hard, even if you don't buy it you can play against it. So it's still not splitting the community.

"If we're going to make money we want to feel good about the way we've done it, we don't want to feel like we've hoodwinked people."

While an old interview, Robb's commenst could not be more topical. A few days ago, 2K detailed DLC plans for Evolve. The details were convoluted and resulted in fan outrage and confusion as to which edition contains what content. The game sports a season pass which gives access to extra hunters and monster skins when they're released, but not the fourth monster, the Behemoth.

The Behemoth monster pack is offered freely as a pre-order bonus exclusively on Xbox One, and is part of the PC Monster Race Edition.

In the interview, Robb also talks about what the studio envisions for post-release content, and how it plans to keep the game fresh. So do give it a read if you're interested.

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