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Humble Introversion Bundle on sale now

The latest Humble Indie Bundle packs in four award-winning games along with two bonuses for those who beat the average price.

Indie darling Introversion is offering Darwinia and its multiplayer compatriot Multiwinia alongside classic hacker-action titles Defcon and Uplink.

As a small bonus, you'll also get tech demos from two of its projects - a voxel tech demo and, most intriguingly, the city generator from indefinitely shelved heist sim, Subversion. Sadly, both these small extras are Windows only.

Those who pay more than the average price - currently sitting at $3.56 - will also receive Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe.

The bundle has two weeks to run and has already drawn over 41,000 purchases. As always, the Humble Indie Bundle's contents are DRM free, and available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Proceeds are split between developers and charitable endeavours, with buyers able to choose where their money goes.

Hit up the Humble Bundle website to secure your bundle and watch the numbers gently spin.

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