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Howard: Skyrim will feature infinite quests - info

Infinite dragons in Skyrim? Bah fooey: Todd Howard sees you and raises infinite quests.

The Bethesda Game Studios director told Wired that the RPG will be unlimited in terms of random events that will be generated throughout the game's world, depending on skill level.

One such example given is once you finish scripted missions for the Dark Brotherhood or the Thieves Guild, you'll be able to do randomly generated missions for either group, such as assassinate shopkeepers.

But that's not all: other options include hunting for bandits in a place you havent been yet as requested by an innkeeper, or an alchemist will ask you to find ten undiscovered flowers.

It's all endless from here on out, basically.

"The vibe of the game is that it’s something that you can play forever," said Howard.

Skyrim launches worldwide on PS3, 360 and PC worldwide tomorrow. Reviews will go live at 1pm GMT.

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