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Holiday sales - Amazon, Steam, and OnLive

Take advantage of savings this US holiday weekend; we've rounded up a very small sample of the best offerings through the break.

Steam's autumn sale has been updated to include L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition at $24.99, Fallout: New Vegas for $5, the Monkey Island Special Edition bundle for $5.09, Zeno Clash for $3.74 and VVVVVV at $1.24. Visit the Steam Store for more details.

Amazon prefers to runs its holiday specials as lightning sales, announcing them at the last minute with brief windows of opportunity, but Cheap Ass Gamer has the whole list. It's simply enormous, so you're best bet is to decide what you're after and then use CTRL+F to see if it's on sale.

OnLive's Five Day Fragfest is offering new sign ups their first game for $1 - that's any game on the service, including recent blockbusters like batman: Arkham City. The special event also grants free access to Red Faction: Armageddon and Homefront and will host dozens of daily deals.

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