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Hitman 2 July roadmap outlines two new Escalation Contracts, new Sniper Assassin map, more

Hitman 2 players have plenty to look forward to in July and all upcoming content has a music theme.

Io Interactive has released the July roadmap for Hitman 2, outlining what you can expect this month.

First up is a new Escalation Contract which goes live tomorrow, July 4. Called the Babayeva Dissonance, you will be tasked with taking out musicians to "stop the music". There are three stages, and each one requires particular set of skills.

Come July 11 a new Challenge Pack called “I’m with the Band” will become available. There will be five band-related challenges in Santa Fortuna where you will have to figure out the key to succeeding to earn the unlock: a violin.

July 19 sees the return of a Legacy Elusive Target: The Badboy. Your target will be in Sapienza for 10 days. You’ll need to own the Legacy Pack to play this Elusive Target.

On July 25 another Escalation Contract will go live called the Calvino Cacophony. Here you will have to become "the menace of Santa Fortuna" by blowing stuff up. Completing this escalation will earn you the Hot Summer Suit.

Finally, The Prison, a new Sniper Assassin map, will release on July 30 for all Expansion Pass holders.

Hit up the official Io Interactive website for extra details on upcoming Hitman 2 content for July.

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