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High Value Target video released for Medal of Honor


Matthew Pruitt, community manager at EA, has put up a new Medal of Honor video over on the US PS Blog, and we have it for you below.

The video is third in the MOH Experience series of uncut and unedited single-player and multiplayer videos. This one is called High Value Target, and shows off the multiplayer.

Combat Mission is the mode shown in it, and it tasks Coalition forces with clearing "five consecutive objectives to win", with the insurgents trying to stop them at any cost.

"As objectives are cleared, new areas of the map open up to reveal what the coalition must do next," explained Pruitt. "The team health meter represents coalition reinforcements. If it’s depleted before the current objective is cleared, the match ends and coalition forces are stopped."

Bradley Fighting Vehicles are featured in the video as well, and it can seat both a driver and gunner, as you use it to "strategically break through certain points of the map" to achieve victory.

Sure sounds like war to us.

You can check out the previous videos in the series here and here.

Medal of Honor releases on October 12 in the US, and on October 15 in the UK for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Thanks for the heads up: Ve3tro.

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