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Here’s a Skyrim Switch vs Xbox One X comparison video - and both versions look good

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim lands on Switch tomorrow, so let's compare it with the Xbox One X version.

There are quite a few comparison videos out there for Skyrim on Switch versus Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We've seen a couple with PC added into the mix, which really isn't fair to be honest. But, they are out there nonetheless.

In this video, Arekkz takes a look at the differences between the Switch version of Skyrim, and the Xbox One release.

While some may find the comparison between Xbox One X and Switch odd, the reason, according to Arekkz, is the Switch version of Skyrim runs as good as it looks both docked and on the go running at 720p/30fps. Even when shown side-by-side with the game displaying at 1080p on Xbox One X, it looks rather nice.

Watch on YouTube

Obviously, there are some notable differences between the two as you will see, but Skyrim on Switch is nothing to sneeze at - even early Skyrim review scores for Switch scores say as much.

Anyway, give the video a watch.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be released for Switch tomorrow, November 17.

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