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100-player WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose hits Steam Early Access in June

Hell Let Loose, the Kickstarted squad-based WW2 shooter from Black Matter, officially has a release date.

Hell Let Loose, which was picked by publisher Team17 back in November, will be hitting Steam Early access on June 6.

The WW2 tactical shooter is available now to pre-order in two editions. The Soldier Pack is the first, and it'll run you £25 and includes a single Steam key. The Unit Pack is priced £135 and comes with six keys.

Purchasing either gives you access to all three upcoming beta tests, the first of which is happening next weekend, on April 5. If you opt for the Soldier Pack, you'll receive two extra beta invites to give away to friends, guaranteeing access to all three beta tests. All keys in the Unit Pack include beta access by default.

Team17 is also throwing in two extras for pre-ordering. The German M42 Helmet Cover with Sniper Veil, and the US 505th 82nd Airborne variant. Next week's beta will feature two maps: Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, and Hurtgen Forest.

Check out Hell Let Loose's official site, or the game's Steam page for pre-orders.

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