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Hardware: debut trailer for Homeworld spiritual successor

It's been a long time coming but Blackbird Interactive is pleased to unveil Hardware today. The former Homeworld development team has big plans for what it calls "the world's first planetary-scale social strategy game".

Blackbird is staffed by a number of ex-Relic veterans who worked on the much-loved Homeworld games, including art director and founder Rob Cunningham and lead artist Aaron Kambeitz.

First detailed in late 2011, Hardware has players commanding fleets of vehicles as they battle for control of a mining planet. The result is an RTS with strong, if as yet unrevealed, social and multiplayer elements, played on an a truly massive scale. It's designed to speak to strategy fans, not the casual market, but aims to avoid the high entry barriers of competing titles.

Hardware was due to go into open beta in March, but seems to have been delayed. We're expecting it on PC, although Blackbird has made noises in the past about other platforms like mobile and web. You can sign up for testing, check out its website, and follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the teaser below; Homeworld fans will appreciate the little nod about spaceships under the sand, I'm sure.

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Thanks, EdNorton.

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