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Halo's Cortana might be part of Internet Explorer's replacement

Halo fans may have a reason to check out Microsoft's new web browser.


Windows 10 is on the way, and word is it will include a new web browser to replace the much-derided Internet Explorer.

Reportedly codenamed Spartan - Microsoft loves its Halo references, for real - the new browser is still very much in rumour territory but was revealed via a couple of leaks late last year.

Now The Verge has word via reputed anonymous Microsoft sources that the browser will feature a new search function - Cortana, the Windows Phone answer to Siri.

On Windows Phone Cortana mostly enables voice searching, but it sounds like she'll completely replace Bing in Windows 10, allowing you to search directly from the tab interface, as well as intelligently access and track information like flight status, hotel booking and package tracking.

Spartan will be made available for PCs, tablets and phones as a Windows Store app, and it's just possible Microsoft will win over some converts from Firefox and Chrome by appealing to the Halo fanbase.

Since rumours suggest that Windows 10 will more closely integrate Microsoft operating systems, bringing together Windows Phone, Windows 10 and Xbox One, it's possible Cortana will end up on Xbox One, too, either in-browser or as a stand alone app.

Past leaks suggest Cortana will be built into Windows 10 itself, as will an Xbox app. Microsoft seems ready to finally do something about its dire PC gaming ecosystem, and we're expecting to hear about it on January 21.

Thanks, Business Insider.

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