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Halo Wars and voice comms wouldn't be a good mix, says EndWar boss

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Voice controls wouldn't work with Ensemble RTS Halo Wars, EndWar boss Michael de Plater has told VG247, as it's too complex a game.

"I don't even know that voice command would even be a very good solution for that style of game because the complexity of what you have to do is so much higher, and it's not even such a natural thing," he said, speaking at a recent EndWar event in London.

"It's hard to see how it would work... It's very hard to map that more intuitive idea onto a more traditional RTS, I think."

Halo Wars and EndWar are too far apart from control systems to marry, said the exec.

"I think Halo Wars is a very, very different game to [EndWar], and the difference between Halo Wars and EndWar isn't so much about the voice command rather than the game itself.

"We're a tactical war game with no resource management and no base-building: they're much closer to a traditional RTS, which is a combination of building and fighting and resource management."

Halo Wars is out at the beginning of next year. EndWar hits on November 7 for 360 and PS3.

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