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Airdrops in H1Z1 explained, PlayStation 4 version confirmed

With gamescom 2014 winding down in Germany this weekend, it's time to turn some attention to SOE Live which is going on in Vegas at the moment. Below, you will find some new information regarding Sony Online Entertainment's zombie MMO, H1Z1.

One of the trailers below is a promotional trailer more than anything else, but the other discusses airdrops.

Airdrops will provide survivors with ammunition, food, water, weapons and other supplies. These aren't free supplies being handed out by a group such as the Red Cross or anything either: they are purchased via the in-game store.

Players will need to pay the organization providing the supplier money - and watch out - your payment can be in vain as other players will be able to see the planes and supply drops. This means they can snatch it before you get to it and there is no assurance the drop will land near you.

SOE boss John Smedley stated on reddit a few months ago the supply drops would be along the lines of The Hunger Games: "a mad rush for supplies followed by a tense standoff."

"Basically think of it as instant chaos," he said. "How is there anything flying? A few pilots manage to scrounge together enough fuel to make these runs."

H1Z1 is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 - as confirmed yesterday - and Steam Early Access is expected at some point.

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