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Guy turns treadmill into a PS4 controller and plays Death Stranding

Here's something fun for your Saturday: watching a treadmill being turned into a PS4 controller so the creator can get exercise playing Death Stranding.

Electrical engineer Allen Pan decided one day he needed exercise, so he came up with the idea to turn an old treadmill into a PlayStation 4 controller. And he succeeded.

While he still has to use the right stick on the controller to turn the camera, the left stick was removed and wired into the treadmill to control walking and running. That's the short version, but the video goes into the engineering aspect of it from hooking up relays to connecting the controller. I am not an engineer, so I will let the video explain it.

Once he was finished, he played Death Stranding using his new controller, and considering all of the walking you do in the game, he got a great workout. Pan even enlisted his friends to give his invention a try and they were all sweating within a minute.

You should hit up Pan's YouTube channel and have a look at some of the other crazy things he's come up with.

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