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GungHo financials: ¥12 billion made in April alone, Puzzle & Dragons earns $3.75 million a day

GungHo Entertainment is making some serious bank, according to its most recent financial report. One game in particular - iOS hit Puzzle & Dragons - is currently earning the firm $3.75 million a day. reports that the company has seen incredible growth over the past year. It made ¥12 billion in April 2013 alone, ($118m/£76m) which equates to a 1,142% increase on April 2012.

For the quarter ended March 31, 2013 the company's revenue jumped 800% year-on-year to ¥30.9 billion, while its operating income leapt 7,400% to ¥18.6 billion.

Puzzle & Dragons has proven to be the company's biggest win, and now sits at 13 million players in Japan alone, earning the company $113 million in April alone, which equates to over $3.75 million a day.

A report by Japanese industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto suggests that within minutes of posting its financials, GungHo's shares rocketed 28.8% to ¥1,342 million per share.

The company's market cap is now higher than Nintendo's at ¥1.54 trillion / $15.1 billion, compared to the Wii U creator's $15 billion and closing on Activision's cap of $16.7 billion.

GungHo recently bought Suda 51's outfit Grasshopper Manufacture, and owns Mind Zero developer Acquire, among others.

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