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GTi Club+ to hit PSN on December 4

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Konami's just announced that arcade remake GTi Club+ will be released for PS3 via PSN on December 4.

The game will cost €14.99, and will feature the Austin Mini Cooper, Renault 5, Fiat A112 Abarth, Lancia Delta and VW Golf GTi, as well as eight-way multiplay.

Press release after the link.

GTi Club+ on grid for December 4th launch
Classic Konami coin-op heads to PLAYSTATION®Network in all-new HD livery

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will release a completely updated and enhanced version of its popular GTi Club arcade game for PLAYSTATION®3 via the PlayStation Store on December 4th. Priced just 14,99 Euro, GTi Club+ Rally Cote D’Azur boasts all-new HD visuals and widely expanded gameplay elements.

Available exclusively via the PlayStation Store, the 335Mb download is one of the fastest road racers imaginable. A classic race against the clock, GTi Club+ recreates the beauty of its French locale within a giant game map that is gradually opened as the player breaks certain records. Boasting 720p graphics and running at 60fps, the game offers five distinctly different licensed cars – Austin Mini Cooper, Renault 5, Fiat A112 Abarth, Lancia Delta and the VW Golf GTi – and invites players to compete via the solo mode or against up to seven other people online.

Using timing, hidden short cuts and handbrake turns, GTi Club+ comes into its own when played online. Three difficulty settings can be selected, adjusting the severity of the course in the process, while a Bomb Tag game sees players attempting to eradicate their rivals in an explosive chase mode. The PLAYSTATION®Eye peripheral is also supported, and users can send images to their rivals mid-race, with the best times uploaded to an ever-changing online leaderboard.

Other new elements include a Sat Nav system to help traverse the open nature of the huge courses, dizzying replays, 5.1 sound including a remix of the original coin-op’s music by Atjazz, and player-to-player voice comms. Konami will also make further expansion elements available in the future, including new cars.

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