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GTA 5 pre-load is live on Steam and Rockstar Warehouse

GTA 5 files are now available to download from Steam and Rockstar Warehouse.

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Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 5 can now be pre-loaded. The download files are live on Steam and through Rockstar's own service, Warehouse.

The process is as easy as pressing a button on Steam, but requires a few more steps if you pre-ordered from Warehouse. Rockstar said that emails will be going out to users today. You will need two emails to initiate your download.

The first of which has a link to the Social Club activation page. The other has the activation code (serial number). You will then need to enter this code on the activation page and download a GTA 5 setup tool, which will start downloading the game files. When the download is finished, a countdown timer of the renaming days/hours until launch will be displayed.

Rockstar says that you may receive the email with the activation code later than the Social Club one.

There are two errors that may occur, and this is how to fix them:

  • If you see a blank window with just a “Cancel” and “Retry” button after your pre-load completes, press “Retry”. From there, you will see the countdown screen, meaning your pre-load is complete
  • Once the pre-load completes, some players may see the following error: "The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 8). Please try again later or check the GTA Online Status page for maintenance and outage notifications”. Click “Retry” and the countdown screen will be displayed – this means your pre-load is complete and ready

Additionally, if you accidentally hit cancel when the download is complete, the game can easily be relaunched from the desktop shortcut.

GTA 5 is out April 14 on PC.

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