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You can pre-load GTA 5 on PC starting today

Those who pre-ordered the PC version GTA 5 through Steam can start pre-loading the game today.

gta_5_pc (13)

Rockstar has announced that pre-loads for GTA 5 on PC will start today. Anyone who pre-purchased the game through either Rockstar Warehouse or Steam will be able to download the game files at some point today.

Rockstar did not specify a time for when the files will go live, but said it will update when the information is available.

We don't know how big the game is going to be, but the Steam page asks that you free up 65GB of space. The sizes reported on most games' Steam pages are usually a bit larger than the actual download size, so expect the download be somewhere in that region.

GTA 5 is out April 14 on PC.

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