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GTA 5 mod rebalances the wanted system

The first of many mods that refine the core gameplay of GTA 5 is here.

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GTA 5 on PC has a lot of really dumb, goofy, and silly mods. There's the one that turns pilots into murderous monsters, the one that changes the weather, one that lets you enter blocked areas, and plenty others.

Today's mod aims at adding a bit of stealth to GTA 5. The mod, by BobJaneTMart, is called Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement. It basically stops the police from knowing exactly where you are whenever you commit the most petty of crimes.

For instance, crimes that involve silenced weapons don't alert the police. Same goes for when you shoot someone and any witnesses before they could dial 911. "Stealth killing now works," reads the mod's description. On top of that, the army will be called in when your wanted level gets high enough.

Here's an example of how it works in the game, courtesy of The XXI.

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