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GTA 5 gets custom FOV mod on PC

Those not satisfied with GTA 5's built-in field of view slider can use a new mod to push the number even further.

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The PC versions of GTA 5 - just like its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts - lets you switch between third and first-person view in shooting and driving. The game has an FOV slider of its own for fine tuning, but it doesn't go wide enough.

Reddit user DrDaxxy is quick to the rescue with his own FOV mod. The mod works with the Steam and Rockstar Warehouse versions of the game.

It will let push the vertical FOV to numbers much higher that what's offered officially. It only works in first-person currently, but DrDaxxy is working on supporting first-person driving as well as third-person.

And yes the mod works with GTA Online, but because it modifies the game's memory settings, there's the risk of triggering its anti cheat measures. So use it at your own risk. The full steps and FAQ can be found here.

If you still want to see the effect without risking it, check out the video below, courtesy of Mr.Benchy.

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