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Grey Goo to release via Steam in January

Grey Goo, Petroglyph's new go at strategy, now has a release date.


Grey Goo's release date of January 23 was revealed on publisher Grey Box's website.

Besides spelling "grey" in a way likely to upset Americans, Grey Goo is of particular note due to developer Petroglyph's collaboration with Weta, the New Zealand team behind the special effects in most of Peter Jackson's films, including The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It is designed to draw influence from the simpler controls of MOBAs.

Grey Box, which is also publishing Yager's Dreadnought, said it had planned to hold a beta testing phase, but instead moved forward towards a full release based on an extended alpha.

More information regarding the new strategy title will be released in the coming months, including developer diaries and more. Here's the first one:

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