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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC out now

Artcis Strike, the first major DLC drop for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, arrived in this week's console network updates. Venture through the break for a preview of the contents.

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The pack includes three new standard multiplayer maps - Riot, Evicted and Skyline - and one new Guerrilla map, Arctic Base. Ubisoft intends the maps to answer community demand for larger maps with slower-paced action elements. Official blurbs follow:

  • Riot puts players on the streets of downtown Moscow. The empty streets provide long engagements as the enemy darts between burned out vehicles. The tight corners of the alleys provide excellent locations to ambush your enemies with a shotgun or a well placed piece of equipment.
  • Evicted continues the fight on the streets of Moscow as battle erupts in a sleepy residential neighborhood. With long alleys between the large apartment complexes, snipers are a valuable resource. Sensors and UAV’s are less effective in this expansive location. Communication is key to track and control enemy movements.
  • Skyline is a two level CQB nightmare. Connected by tunnels and stairwells, the limited access points provide excellent locations to set traps. Snipers exchange fire between towers and cover their teammates as they advance into enemy territory. A skilled UCAV or UAV pilot can push the enemy out of the open area and into the kill zone.
  • If you’re looking for intense action the new guerilla map “Arctic Base” is made for you. It’s one of the most challenging Guerrilla maps we’ve ever made as we’ve added a third HQ much harder to defend. There are many strategic high spots on the map that allows you to cover your teammates but you will have to be careful if you decide to split your team

As well as new achievements and GR Network features, the pack also introduces an entirely new multiplayer mode, Stockade.

"The overall objective in Stockade is simple: kill without being killed, eliminate the entire enemy team before time expires. Players wait in the Stockade in the order they are killed. A player is released each time an enemy is eliminated. Every few minutes an objective appears for each team that, if captured, will release your entire team from the Stockade. In the event of a tie, teamwork points are used to determine the winner. Stockade is playable on all 13 multiplayer maps. Here are some pro tips to get you started. Use the objective as bait. Ambush your enemy when they try and free their teammates. Don’t use your objective if only one teammate is captured. And finally, one data hack almost guarantees a victory."

It also packs in six new weapons:

  • Rifleman: F2000
  • Rifleman: CZS805
  • Scout: JSG Type 05
  • Scout: MP9
  • Engineer: OCP-11
  • Engineer: Mk17

No PC release date as yet.

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