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Get your PlayStation E3 Experience 2015 tickets now

Registration for the PlayStation E3 Experience this year is now live and tickets are free.

Watch on YouTube

At least one theater in each US state will be screening the event, and three cities in Canada will be also be taking part.

The announcement was made over at the PlayStation blog and tickets became available yesterday - you can get them here.

Even better, everyone who attends the screenings gets treats in the form of "PlayStation goods and digital codes we can’t disclose yet. (Last year attendees received early access to the Destiny Alpha and Battlefield: Hardline beta, along with a great poster and VIP laminate)."

The list of theaters participating is at the blog, but if you're outside of the US, you'll just have to stay up through the night alternating coffee and wonderfully alcoholic dandelion and burdock, watching it in your PJs and hoping the stream doesn't freeze.

So look forward to that.

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