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Gerstmann: Gamespot fired me

Just in case there was any doubt left in anyone's mind that Gamespot ed ex-chief Jeff Gerstmann came to any mutual understanding about his position at Gamespot last year, consider it put to rest. In the words of the man himself, he was sacked.

"I was fired, and kind of went home, decided to sit on the couch and just mope for a while I guess, because, you know, it's a pretty soul crushing thing to have happen, to lose your job," he said in this Gamesradar interview. "And then, you know, [I] just kind of got up and checked email and saw that the internet had kind of exploded over that stuff. In the wake of that, yeah, a lot of people reached out, both with well wishes and also with job opportunities and stuff like that."

Gerstmann refused to detail his departure further however.

"Not legally, no," he said, when asked if there was anything left to say on the matter.

Gerstmann was sacked from Gamespot after 11 years last November, allegedly over commercial friction between the site and Eidos related to his 6/10 Kane & Lynch review.

Check out the rest of the interview.

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