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Generational gap biggest ratings problem, says Byron

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According to this, Tanya Byron is pinning the biggest issues in games ratings on lack of understanding between generations.

"The key finding is that we have this huge digital generational divide at the moment where children are enjoying benefits and opportunities both online and in videogames but parents are really genuinely confused in terms of what videogames are and how their kids are playing them, what the content really means and what should they be allowing their kids to play and not play," she said.

"For me it's about how can government really empower parents, society and teachers who grapple with these issues in schools to really support children to think about risks both online and in videogames where most adults are coming from the position of knowing less than the children who are using these technologies."

The Byron Report, a study into gaming and the internet in the UK, was published today. We're still waiting on the actual document, but Byron has recommended that all games should be rated in the UK, that the minimum age rating should be dropped to 12 and that a dedicated body related to web and game regulation should be set up.

A launch event for the report is currently in progress in London.

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