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Gargoyles galore in this Battlefleet Gothic: Armada teaser

The "Gothic" in the title of this game refers to an area of space in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and not the style of architecture, but hot damn if it isn't on theme.

In my ignorance, I was not aware until today that Games Workshop once produced a game about space fleets. It was retired in 2013, alas, but lives on in an upcoming PC game from Tindalos Interactive and Focus Home Entertainment.

From the trailer below you might be forgiven for believing it is a game all about architecture launched into space, but from what I can gather not every single unit will look quite so much like somewhere you go to marry a member of the monarchy, or possibly be eaten by a vampire.

Focus has promised to give details soon; for now, we know that it is an RTS, and will feature Imperial, Chaos, Eldar and Ork factions battling it out for control of the Gothic Sector. Players will be able to customise every aspect of their ships and fleets, and crew will gain experience and level up through battling.

Please admire the footage of battle cruisers, the largest class of ship, below.

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