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GameStop to launch retro game and console trade-in experiment

GameStop wants to get into the retro game and console business, providing it's a worthwhile endeavor. To test the possibility, it will soon allow customers in Birmingham, Alabama and New York City to trade-in classic consoles and games in-store.


Speaking with IGN, a spokesperson for the company said the initiative will kick off on April 25 at 250 stores in the aforementioned regions. Customers will be able to trade-in or sell select retro games and consoles from the likes of Nintendo, SEGA and Sony which will be refurbished and resold online.

All products will be sent to GameStop's Refurbishment Operations Center for "inspection, testing and repair," according to the spokesperson, and each will contain the same warranty as refurbished consoles already on offer.

Should the program prove successful, a nationwide roll out will occur later in the year.

Full thing through the link.

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