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GameStop "interested" in digital on-sell possibilities

US retailer chain GameStop is looking into enabling downloadable games to be sold on by consumers - bringing the used game trade to digital distribution, in other words.

GameStop CEO CEO Paul Raines told Gamespot a recent European ruling which potentially enables digital on-sell is "very interesting".

"There are some technologies out there in Europe, and we’ve looked at a couple that are involved. We’re interested," he said.

"It’s not a meaningful business yet. Right now we’re not seeing that as a huge market, but I think we’re on the leading edge. There are a few companies, a few startups, out there that we’ve talked to that are doing this."

Some retailers already rovide a form of trade-in on games purchased through digital distributors - Green Man Gaming, for example.

GameStop sources over a quarter of its revenue from the sale of used games.

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