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Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, May 8

Let's get ready to play some computer games on our mobile devices. The best this week? These are they.


The best FREE iOS games this week

Burn it Down (iPad, iPhone)

A black and white minimalist platformer in which you'll be crushed, spiked and squashed while attempting to reach the end of a love story. You'll get 50 challenges for free here, and you can pay a token amount to switch the ads off, should you wish.

Dungeon Link (iPad, iPhone)

Dungeon Link is, amazingly, a game capable of combining line-drawing puzzles and RPG combat in return for no currency whatsoever. Stylistically similar to the Disgaea series, this cute fantasy puzzler is definitely worth a try.

The Paris Dossier (iPad, iPhone)

World War 2 noir featuring code-breaking, dead people, Nazis and traitors. This is free-to-try as opposed to free-to-play, as you have to pay to unlock the full game, but you should grab The Paris Dossier if you're in the market for something a little different this weekend.

The best PAID iOS games this week

Dungeon of Madness: €0.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Spin the dungeon's floor tiles and guide your character to victory in this delightful puzzler. Various modes and avatars keep this fresh, as do the enchanting pixel graphics. Yours for a buck.

Ys Chronicles 1: €4.99 (iPad, iPhone)

If you're looking for a full-price action-RPG with the sort of professionalism you expect at this sort of cost, you won't be disappointed this Ys Chronicles 1. The series has a huge pedigree, having previously appeared on the likes of SNES, lending this latest installment all the credibility you should need to buy it. So do.

Microgue: €0.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Yet another roguelike, with the twist being a chess-like movement and combat system. This one's at least honest about its ADD (the clue's in the title), and should be an instant purchase if the sound of something quick and simple sounds like your bag.

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