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Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, May 15

Another week, another boring two-day ending enlivened only by mobile video games. Make sure you get the best.


The best FREE iOS games this week

Test Chamber: Mind-bending Puzzles (iPad, iPhone)

Stop reading and download this right now. Guide a cube-shaped character through the Test Chamber and out into the Infinite World. Never, ever stop playing. You'll get 28 levels for free. Further content and access to future updates can be unlocked for €2.99.

Seek: Find Your Friends (iPad, iPhone)

Explore a 3D world in an effort to, obviously, find your friends. Seek is a beautiful, poetic game with no in-app purchases. Thank us later.

Wedding Escape (iPad, iPhone)

Wedding Escape is a match-three puzzler in which you attempt to avoid any form of partner-based commitment. Funny, stupid and addictive, and doesn't contain any aggressive micro-transactions.

The best PAID iOS games this week

The Enchanted Cave 2: €2.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Turn-based dungeon-crawling with cute pixel graphics, a fantasy setting and 100 levels. A proper no-brainer if you're a loot-n-go gamer.

Kindo: €1.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Kindo's a stylized, multiplayer, chess-style game in which the object is to defeat the opponent's king square. You can fortify, lay down new squares and generally be sneaky and strategic. Good if you like thinking.

Trulon: €4.99 (iPad, iPhone)

A turn-based RPG with exceptional presentation and a card-based battling system. The whole thing'll take you about seven hours to play, so get this if you need to soak up Sunday.

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