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Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, July 31st

Pole vaulting, rappelling and pruning trees, just another week in mobile gaming. Here are the best new games for your iPhone and iPad this week.


The best PAID iOS games this week

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX: $4.99 (iPad, iPhone)

This is brilliant! The best version of Pac-Man is now on mobile. This is the console version of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX in it’s entirety with excellent touch based controls. Even if touch controls aren’t your thing there’s full support for iCade and MFi controllers too. A must have.

To-Fu Fury: $1.99 (iPad, iPhone)

To-Fu Fury is an platform puzzler where you fling a chunk of tofu, an angry ninja chunk of tofu, from one end of the level to the next. The controls are excellent and there’s plenty of content to work your way through. It gets quite difficult but it’s never unfair.

Prune: $3.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Prune is what you think it is and, surprisingly, it’s very very good. Each stage starts with a small tree that grows as you prune. The object is to grow your tree into the sunlight where it will prosper. Each tree is different and the game throws clever obstacles in your way throughout. Prune is a beautifully crafted unique experience that feels at home on mobile.

The best FREE iOS games this week

Hue Ball (iPad, iPhone)

Hue Ball feel like a reimagining of the excellent App Store oldie Orbital. Coloured balls are launched from a cannon at the bottom of the screen. The object of the game is to use these balls to break others in the play field. If balls end up too close to the cannon it’s game over. An excellent frantic physics based puzzler.

Radical Rappelling (iPad, iPhone)

Radical Rappelling is the latest from Halfbrick Studios (makers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride). The player swings in and out as they rappel down the mountain. There’s coins to collect and tricks to perform. It plays out like a vertical take on the excellent Spike Dislike.

Vault! (iPad, iPhone)

The latest from the prolific development team at Nitrome, Vault! is a horizontal runner. If Canabalt with pole vaulting sounds fun that’s because it is. Instead of running the player pole vaults through the randomly generated world. Coins, collectable characters, and all the usuals are present and correct. Fun.

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