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Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, July 24th

Lots of great games now - see what I did there? Here are the best new releases for your iPhone and iPad this week.


The best FREE iOS games this week

Guardian Sword (iPad, iPhone)

Free for a limited time only. Made by the Tiny Defence folk. Guardian Sword is a strategy puzzle RPG. We’ve seen these before but Guardian Sword lets players customize the puzzles themselves. This makes the experience unique and it feels fresh. It’s an excellent twist on the genre that won’t be free for long so jump in!

Cally’s Caves 3 (iPad, iPhone)

Cally’s Caves 3 is mobile run and gun platforming done well. There’s plenty of platformers on iOS but only a handful where the on-screen controls work this well. The game is packed with 120 levels across 8 distinct zones to unlock. Double jump your way to Cally’s Caves 3 via the link above.

Song Pop 2 (iPad, iPhone)

Song Pop 2 is a one on one music trivia game. You challenge a friend, or the CPU, in rounds of music identification. A clip plays and the fastest to pick the artist wins. There’s over 100,000 songs and ample categories to choose from.

The best PAID iOS games this week

Impulse GP - Super Bike Racing: $2.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Impulse GP is an excellent Wipeout/F-Zero type racer with some twists. The controls work well, there’s a unique boosting system, and it all runs smoothy at a breathneck pace. Probably the best futuristic racer on iOS for $2.99 with no IAPs to be seen. 3 - 2 - 1 - Boost!

Shooting Stars!: $2.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Cross Smash TV, modern pixel art, and daft humour and you’ve got Shooting Stars. There’s over 50 weapons to unlock as you progress through the 20+ “celebrity” bosses. The player rides a hoverboard and can wield a Lazer Kitty. Yep. It’s great fun.

Her Story: $4.99 (iPad, iPhone)

Her Story has been out for a few weeks but we’ve not had the chance to cover it here yet. Her Story is a chilling and unique gaming experience. The game plays out like an interactive true crime documentary. You’re tasked with unravelling the mystery behind a missing man. All you have to go on is a searchable database of video interviews with his wife. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

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