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Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, April 17

Friday! Here are the best iPhone and iPad games this week, both free and premium.


The best FREE iOS games this week

The Quest Keeper (iPad, iPhone)

This is an excellent Crossy Road-alike set in dungeons full of spikes, spinning blades, collapsing floors and arrow-firing guards. Beat the puzzles, stay alive, upgrade your abilities and finish the levels. Why not? It hasn't cost you anything.

Corridor Z (iPad, iPhone)

The world hardly needs more zombie games, but whatever. Corridor Z's a decent stab at keeping the genre going, setting you in a school full of brain-biters and an endless walkway in which to outrun them. Play as a man, woman or soldier, and obliterate the undead with a variety of guns and bombs.

CivCrafter (iPad, iPhone)

If you like tapping your screen, you're about to win with a CivCrafter download. You're going to get resource management, multiplayer and plenty more. It's basically Clash of Clans without the isometric town, but there's plenty to like here. Try it.

The best PAID iOS games this week

Implosion - Never Lose Hope: €9.99 (iPad, iPhone)

The price is relatively high for this sci-fi actioner, but it's well worth it. Some spectacular presentation tops obvious inspiration from console favourites such as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, providing an essential combat experience. You're unlikely to find better use of a tenner this week.

Football Manager Classic 2015: €19.99 (iPad)

Take your soccer club (pretty much all of them are included) to victory in 117 leagues from 51 nations. This is the granddaddy or football management sims, and the latest iPad version is straight-up amazing. Be warned: only buy this is you have plenty of spare time.

Crowntakers: €4.99 (iPad)

The king's been imprisoned. It's up to you to set him free. There's enough exploration and hexagon-based battling in this roguelike RPG to keep you happy forever. Ish. Prepare for thoughtful combat, magic, levelling and a lengthy adventure. A good example of fantasy strategy on iPad.

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