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Games Now! The best iPhone and iPad games for Friday, April 10

Happy Friday. Looking for a new iDistraction? These are the best of the week, both free and premium.


The best FREE iOS games this week

Cube Koala (iPhone, iPad)

Spin the stages, roll the eponymous cube, try not to get impaled. Cube Koala is as hard as hard can be, and shares more than a passing resemblance to PC and console indie darling Super Meat Boy, which is also hard. Everything's hard. And free. And it's good. Hard, free and good. All those things. Get it.

Boss Monster (iPad)

Boss Monster is a retro-styled card battler with beautiful visuals and some weird user interface decisions. Think along the lines of an 8-bit Magic: The Gathering for iPad. If you like heroes, monsters, dungeons and numbers, Boss Monster is for you. Just don't roll your eyes too hard when you open the 24-page tutorial.

Mortal Kombat X (iPhone, iPad)

This is proper Mortal Kombat with swipe controls for free, so it'd be kind of dumb to not download. There's stuff to buy, characters to collect and a Faction Wars mode coming next week, but all you probably want to do is watch Scorpion set someone on fire. All fatalities are present, so this'll fulfill your needs.

The best PAID iOS games this week

Attack the Light - Steven Universe Light RPG: €2.99 (iPhone, iPad)

This is a highly-praised cartoon RPG containing no in-app purchases and plenty of cute visuals. The combat system is reminiscent of Final Fantasy's old 2D battles, and uses a star system to regulate attacks. Considering the universally positive reviews, the entry price here is low. Buy.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall: Director's Cut €4.99 (iPad)

The next game in the rebooted Shadowrun series for iOS, Dragonfall is an outstanding isometric mobile RPG based on the ancient P&P RPG of the same name. You'll get robust character creation, combat and plenty of story. This has been out on PC for a few months, and was very well-received. Get involved.

DuckTales: Remastered: €9.99 (iPhone, iPad)

Scrooge returns. Again. This is worth getting, even if you've played the original game, simply because it's amazing and you can carry it around in your pocket. It's relatively pricey, but you'll get a full-sized game with a new easy mode for young players and newbie adults. Platforming and ducks. What's not to like?

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