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Game Pass scores touchdown with Madden 24, plus Resident Evil 3 Remake, Bloodstained, and more in February

Channel your inner Jill Valentine or Tom Brady this month.

A new batch of games is coming to Game Pass this month, and it’s filled with a rather diverse lineup of genres such as survival, puzzling, sports, fantasy, and channeling your inner motorman.

Releasing today is Anuchard for cloud, console, and PC. In this action-adventure RPG, the wondrous land of Anuchard, floating above the earth amongst the wispy clouds, has crash-landed. Generations pass, and local lore states that a Chosen One will one day come and restore Anuchard to its former skyward glory. This is you, the Bellwielder, whom it was foretold will take up the Audros Bell, and enter the Dungeon, to wake the Guardians from their slumber, and bring paradise back.

Coming to Game Pas tomorrow, February 7, is Train Sim World 4 for cloud, console, and PC. In it, you will learn to drive realistic trains on detailed routes, put your skills to the test across engaging scenarios and varied timetables, choose your journey with Free Roam, use the Livery Designer, Scenario Planner, and the new Photo Mode across three detailed routes in the UK, Austria, and USA.

On February 8, Madden NFL 24 joins The Play List on EA Play and comes to PC Game Pass and Ultimate Game Pass members. This long-running Madden football series iteration brought Training Camp back to Franchise mode, features seven full seasons of Ultimate Team with the Live Event Hub, and Superstar mode with Combine Rankings. It also features cross-play. And, from now until March 8, playing the game will net you the Ultimate Team Supercharge Pack.

Coming to cloud, console, and PC on February 13 is Resident Evil 3 Remake. Jill Valentine is one of the last remaining people in Raccoon City and a witness to Umbrella’s misdeeds. To stop her from exposing the knowledge she gained, the evil corporation has unleashed its secret weapon: Nemesis. Playing as Jill, you must navigate through the chaotic, zombie-infested streets of Raccoon City. Solve puzzles, encounter other gruesome creatures, and try to escape the relentless Nemesis in this reimagining of the 1999 classic. In certain sections, you will also control the supporting character, Carlos Oliveira, a mercenary and a former member of a guerrilla group. RE3R includes Resident Evil Resistance, the 1v4 online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe where four survivors face off against a sinister Mastermind.

Returning to the Game Pass library on February 14 is the excellent Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for cloud, console, and PC. The exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG has you playing as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist's curse that is slowly crystallizing her body. To save yourself, and humanity, you will battle through a demon-infested castle and defeat its master.

If you’re in the mood for a cozy puzzle game, releasing on February 15 is A Little To The Left. To be made available for cloud, console, and PC, in the game you will do your best to tidy over 100 messes by sorting, stacking, and organizing household items into pleasing arrangements. Beware though: a mischievous and playful cat with an inclination for chaos (like all cats) is determined to throw a wrench into your plans for a tidied house.

On the same day, PlateUp! the cooking action game with permanent roguelite progression, will be available for cloud, console, and PC. Here, you will be tasked with cooking and serving your dishes, designing and decorating your restaurants, and expanding your culinary empire with unlocks, abilities, and dishes in procedurally-generated layouts. You can take on the various challenges solo or hire up to three friends to help out.

Return to Grace, hitting the service on February 20, is a first-person narrative adventure set in a ‘60s retro sci-fi world where you play as a space archaeologist who has discovered the ancient resting place of a long-lost A.I. god known as Grace. Throughout the game, you will adventure with fractured A.I. personalities and uncover the mystery of why Grace was shut down all those years ago. When it arrives on Game Pass, it will be available for cloud, console, and PC.

And in case you missed it, MLB The Show 24 is coming to Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on release day, March 15. The Deluxe Editions will pay tribute to the legends of Negro Leagues and Xbox Game Pass members can upgrade with the Digital Deluxe Add-On to get bonus items and play four days early. Find out more here.

Looking for more games to play? Check out this list for some of the best games on Game Pass.

Leaving February 15

The following games are leaving the Game Pass library soon: Galactic Civilizations 3 (PC) and Opus: Echo of Starsong (cloud, console, and PC). Make sure to play them before February 16.

Remember, if you are enjoying these games, and would like to continue playing, be sure to use your membership discount to save up to 20% to keep them in your library.

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